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Corrections Officer - Trainee

Posted: 03/26/2021

MN Department of Corrections Job Opening Id 37935
Are you seeking a career path, competitive pay and great benefits?  Become a Corrections Officer with the Minnesota DOC!  No corrections experience is necessary—we will train you to maintain security, supervise activities, and promote change in people who are incarcerated at one of the Minnesota Correctional Facility (MCF) locations.  The training will take place at the MCF where you will work.
Corrections Officers are responsible for providing a controlled setting to ensure the safety and security of the correctional facility by supervising incarcerated people, encouraging positive behavior, and preparing them for successful release in to the community.
Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  1. Ensure the safety, security and control of the correctional facility.
  2. Supervise incarcerated people to ensure the environment encourages positive behavior and prepares them for a successful transition into the community upon release.
  3. Give and receive written and verbal information in a clear, understandable, accurate, timely and dependable manner, so that information can be evaluated, sound decisions are made and appropriate action is initiated.
  4. Be competent in the use of all equipment ensuring it is operated in an efficient and safe manner.
  5. Prepare for and respond to any unusual or emergency situations utilizing the appropriate Incident Command System (ICS) procedures ensuring the safety, accountability, welfare and security of the general public, facility, on-site personnel and incarcerated people.
  6. Follow all agency and state policies and statutes.  Support the vision, mission, values, goals and initiatives of the DOC.

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