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KCQ, Inc. is a private non-profit vocational rehabilitation program
**Business Solutions** Why hire through KCQ? *The acceptance and inclusion of persons with disabilities within your business positively portrays your company as an integral part of our community. *We facilitate the hiring process by directly presenting motivated and qualified individuals for your consideration. *We can facilitate a job try-out to offer the employer and the individual with disabilities the opportunity to try a job to see if it is consistent with his or her strengths, abilities, capabilities, and interests with the State of Minnesota Vocational Rehabilitation Services providing financial assistance to cover this cost. *We can also assist an employer in obtaining financial assistance from The State of Minnesota Vocational Rehabilitation Services for additional training that an individual may require, beyond what other new employees typically receive. *Once an individual has been hired we provide job coaching, training, and job related counseling to that individual until an employer is satisfied with the individuals job performance and no other employment related needs can be identified. Certain individuals that we work with have long-term funding that allows KCQ to continue to check in with an employer indefinitely to ensure ongoing satisfaction with the employee and provide any job coaching or training on an as needed basis.

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