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There was a time not long ago when every business that opened its doors joined the Chamber. In today’s tough business climate, we know that every decision to dedicate resources is important.

Your Chamber offers myriad resources to business and to the community at large. It is a vital business tool for your prosperity in business.

Small business have access to seminars, training, counseling and research that usually only big businesses can afford. Larger businesses enjoy increased access to community development and shaping public policy. All members have access to the knowledge and experience of fellow Chamber members.

Chamber membership is an excellent networking opportunity. By increasing contact and awareness among members, strong relationships are built, that ultimately benefit the bottom line.

When it comes to providing for, and representing the needs of business there is strength in numbers. Chamber members work together to impact decisions made by the city, county, school district and state legislature. The clout of a unified voice shapes the business environment of our community. Not all businesses that join are active, but all are important.

To you, our members, thank you for recognizing the asset a strong Chamber is to a community. To those who have not yet made that decision, we invite you to join the Chamber now.

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