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Living Greens Farm

Living Greens Farm

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About Us

At Living Greens Farm we celebrate life. To us, aliveness means healthy, crisp, clean taste, high nutrition without chemicals or pesticides and because we grow locally, our greens are up to a week fresher. Our mission is to grow locally using 95% less water and 99.5% less land. This creates new jobs and new hope as we plant new seeds for eating and living green.

Living Greens Farm accomplishes these resource savings with an industry leading vertical aeroponic platform. Aeroponics is a plant-cultivation technique in which the roots hang in the air while a nutrient solution is delivered in the form of a fine mist. Plant roots need access to oxygen to absorb nutrients. The challenge with traditional soil growing methods is that oxygen absorption is reduced by as much as 70%. But at Living Greens Farm, plants receive 99.9% of the oxygen needed. The end results plants grow faster, stronger, and healthier and consumers notice the difference in freshness and taste!


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Customer Service & Logistics Coordinator
Category: Customer Services
COMPANY:  Living Greens FarmLiving Greens Farm is a rapidly growing indoor farming company that utilizes a proprietary aeroponic growing system to grow the highest quality indoor greens.  Our process utilizes 98% less land, 95% less water, and 95% less shipping resources than conventionally farmed produce.  We are based in Faribault, MN and deliver our products within an 8-hour drive, ensuring the more
Contact: Ken Sourbeck
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